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brysava wrote:

jfirlik wrote:

Hi Bryan,

Sorry to hear you are having this issue.  We've been able to reproduce a crash in Scenes mode and have a fix for it which is currently in testing, this should be released fairly soon.

Thanks Jackson. I need to decide pretty quickly whether to keep trying to get my unit ready via scenes, or just set up one chain and try and get through the upcoming shows  using tap tempo for each song.

Also, frequently the unit is not making the changes in the effect chain that I'd programmed when it receives the program change message. It does show that it has received the correct midi message, but just no change in the chain–this happens about half the time–the rest of the time it acts correctly (other than the times it crashes). Do you think this is related to the same bug?




When this happens, are you sending the messages in fairly quick succession? Part of the bug was related to how overlapping Scene loads were handled – previously there was a chance that loading a new scene before the previous one finished would cause some changes to be lost.  This may be the issue that you're seeing (which should also be fixed in the upcoming release).