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brysava wrote:

Also, when in scene mode I get all these subsets (my term) listed below each scene. I don't intentionally put these in, and am confused as to why they are there, but it seems like they might be slowing the loading of scenes, too, as they are slow-loading, when not crashing. More recently, though, it is only taking a single program change to crash the unit.

If you're using the Scene Capture feature, it will automatically put rows beneath the scene describing the FX chains that will be loaded.  I think these are the subsets you're referring to?  


Note that if you capture all 4 FX chains it may take a little bit to load (a few seconds max).  You may be able to tailor your scenes to get better load performance by setting them up manually, loading individual presets into slots rather than doing a scene capture.  If you just need to change a few parameters in a few algorithms this will be faster than changing the state of all the FX chains.  But, whether or not this is possible depends on your specific use case.