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ssgrfk wrote:


im looking closely at the H9000 before a possible purchase. I've read the user manual and all of the information on the Eventide website and one thing im unsure of is, Can you create / edit your own algorithms with a Mac somehow OR is the H9000 still reliant on VSIG for any Algorithm work?

without actually using it yet, it appears to me that the eMote software is just a remote control of the hardware controls. i was hoping it was a fully featured editor for Algorithms so the unit could be used with a Mac in its entirity.. 

thank you


We still build algorithms using Vsig on the H9000 and currently Vsig is not available on Mac. Although you can't 'Create' your own algorithm on the H9000, you can tweak the parameters of any algorithm. With the H9000, you can combine up to 4 algorithms per FXChain letting the users be creative with their algorithm combinations. The H9k also has flexible routing letting route in parallel, series or a combination of both.

Hope this helps!