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brysava wrote:

Hi, I have 1.0.0 25 ccab614. Is this still the latest update? My update section in preference gives  me a message that could be interepreted that there is no new update available yet, or maybe there, is but there is an error in retreiving it: "No releases found! The list of releases could no be retrieved from Eventide's server. Error message-An error ocurred parsing the update information received from the Eventide server."

I'm connected to my computer via ethernet



We just published release 1.0.0[30], so you should see it in the list of available releases on the software update page.  I just did a quick check on my H9000 and I can see it.  Could there be some kind of proxy or other network device between your H9000 and the internet?  If we can't get it to work, we also publish a USB-installable file that you can use instead.  That hasn't hit the Downloads section of our website yet, but if I can't make that happen soon, I'll just post a link here.