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brysava wrote:

Thanks, good to know about the update! I'm still getting the same error messages re. download. I have the H9k connected to my Mac Pro via ethernet cable. The Mac Pro is getting normal internet service without problems. The H9k shows the ethernet connection to be valid in its network section. I had a similar problem with .25 and Patrick emailed the update, but maybe I should try to get it working like its supposed to.



Hi Bryan,

In the meantime, here's a link to the USB installable version:


The zipfile has 2 files in it, which you can copy to a FAT32 formatted USB flash drive (the files should be at the top level of the drive, not in a folder).  Then plug the drive into the H9000 and power it up while holding the check and X keys for a couple of seconds.  The H9000 should boot into update mode and give you instructions.

By the way, do you have "Internet sharing" enabled on your Mac?