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ThreeFingersOfLove wrote:

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ThreeFingersOfLove wrote:

It’s been a month, so…. where’s the video?

It’s coming. The musician we shot the video with went on vacation for a few weeks after the shoot, but now, he’s back home. We gave him the ProTools sessions of all the different takes we recorded, and we’re waiting for him to choose which takes to use.  Since we recorded a few hours of of material and had three different cameras, it’s going to take a while to put this together after he chooses the takes.  I don’t normally get involved in making videos, and I didn’t realize how time consuming it was going to be to put this stuff together.  I shouldn’t have suggested that a week after the shoot the video might be ready.  That was unrealistic.


Well what happened to that video???

In case a new video needs to be made, we basically want to hear cool sounds. Whenever a new supercar is released, you know what is never shown in the promotional video? How easy/hard it is to park. That would not be exciting.

I think a relatively short, superficial H9000 video would not be a bad thing. Apple had some commercials for the iPhone teaching people how to take pictures. They were 15 seconds long. Eventide cannot do that with the H9000 (or any of their products). 1 minute of amazing sounds presented in a creative way will inform the public the H9000 is the “bee’s knees.” The H9000 is your little light, do not hide it under a bushel. No, instead, let it shine. 🙂