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jfirlik wrote:

Our Emote control software, currently available for Mac as a standalone and plug-in (AU/VST/AAX), allows you to access most of the core functionality of the H9000 over a network from your computer.  You can create and edit FX Chains, tweak parameters, load/save sessions, etc.  The plugin version will save and recall the state of the H9000 with your DAW sessions.

Support for doing automation natively in a DAW is currently in development for Emote and is slated for release in the Fall.  The H9000 has full MIDI support over USB, so for now the solution would be to assign parameters to CCs and send automation that way from a DAW.

That sounds great, however im using Windows. Will it be availible for Windows too I assume?


It was always a dream for me to be able to use the power of these boxes in a way that is tightly integrated within the daw to create very complex automations, and not just record some audio, bounce it, then sort of improvise some effects on it and slice up the result. I need total control in real time like what VSTs can deliver. Modern computers are powerful enough that you don’t need to bounce audio that much anymore.

If you can bring the Eventide H9 to work as an VST then I will definitely buy one. Like I said I haven’t so far because I just don’t see much use for it, most people using these machines are guitar players and so on, recording live.

I will have to wait until I see it in action tho, before I make the investment. I want to see that it’s solid, that doesn’t crash, that everything is tightly integrated within the VST-DAW, that you can go nuts drawing automations and sequences all over the place and the thing will not derp out and so on.

Looking forward to see some updates this fall. Hopefully some videos in a DAW showcasing the VST and tweaking things around.

As far as building algorithms, will it be availible within the VST, or you still will need to use VSig? In Reaktor you can build everything within the DAW with the VST which is cool since you can test your modifications within the context of the track you are doing.