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nickrose wrote:

eponto1 wrote:

A bit more data. No input, 1 XLR out from ANA1. Power up unit from cold, no ring/whine. A few minutes later as machine heats up ring starts and gets louder. Sounds like hardware?

Could be – hard to tell without seeing it. Probably not.

Also –

1) does this apply on all presets ?

2) does this apply on dsp bypass ?

3) can we assume that your gain settings are those you would use with your instrument ? Put enough gain after any digital equipment and you will hear bad things.

4) can we assume that you have done as requested and set up your signal level or input gain to light all the green leds ? If not, DO IT !

Otherwise, if it is under warranty, you should contact support@eventide.com about sending it in. If not, contact them about having it serviced.




Hi Nick,


Thanks for responding.

1) The sound happens with all presets.

2) It also happens with bypass.

3/4) Normal gain settings where I light up most of the LEDs results with the noise. I can make it somewhat tolerable by bringing the imnput level down to 1 LED but it is still there if I turn up the output level or turn up the amp. I have been able to practice at the 1 LED fairly effectively but the high pitched noise is still annoying and can be heard in recordings.

The weird thing is what I mentioned. I turn the unit on from not being on overnight. Initially the noise is not there. After a few minutes it starts and gets louder making me think it is some sort of heat issue.