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Eastward_In_Eden wrote:

“The H9000 is your little light, do not hide it under a bushel. No, instead, let it shine. 🙂 “

http://youtu.be/_wuOTXgRibQ …. at about the 12:40 mark, Suzanne begins to explain her use of the two H9 pedals.. cool

Yeah, I know that using the word QUADRAPHONIC creates the “deer-caught-in-headlights” stare but,  it is my long-held goal to play music in QUAD.

And, she uses an iPad to control the H9s rather than dragging a computer on stage…. well, until she mentions having Voltage Control modification from Northern Light Modular at about the 20:00 mark surprise


Hi there, it was nice to see our little rack modifiactions in Suzannes movie.

The CV she is talking about is making use of the pedal input. There is an additional circuit board on the back of the H9 that handles power and also provides some kind of phantom voltage.

In Buchla we use 0-10V , the internal voltage the pot is designed for expects 3,3V.

So we also have two scalers on that little daughter card providing two CV inputs, one for control voltage, the other for a switch.

basically the same you can do with a mission pedal.

However, we have moved on since and teamed up with Franck Graciano from Evenmidi and developed a 10 channel CV to midi encoder that lives in the Buchla rack and talks to the H9 directly.

I made a little video if you are interested.


The CCs come in preset banks, on for the H9, one for the Factor pedals, but also one for the Deckard’s Dream synth and as soon as i will get my H9000 it will also control that one 🙂