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vk100 wrote:


I think I have a grasp on the overall architecture of the eventide, namely that the H9000 can run 16 algorithms organised within a miximum of 4 fx chains which can contain up to 4 fx each.  Now, let say I want the H9000 to handle 8 different effects for 8 different tracks as insert, plus one fx chain with 4 fx in it, and 4 effects as auxiliary. The "expert routing" page on the manual led me to think that it was possible: I'm I wrong?

Subsidiary question: any alorithim can output a stereo signal, right? So I suppose it is possible to process 16 stereo inputs (therefore 32 in and 32 out) with a madi expansion card?




Yes! That setup would be totally possible and as a matter of fact, that is how I use my H9k for the most part. You dont have to limit each FXChain to one connection, you can have up to 4 stereo connections inside the FXChains in the current software. This allows me to use 4 different H/W inserts in pro tools (or other DAW's) while using just 1 FXChain. In this scenario, each stereo channel in the FXChain would be limited to just one algorithm (since each FXChain is limited to 4 algorithms). 

Yes to the second question as well! In the current software, you can have up to 16 Stereo I/O's. A MADI or DANTE expansion could certainly accomplish this but you can also do this with the built in I/O's on the H9000. For example, You can use 16 channels of USB, 8 channels of Analog and 8 channels of ADAT. 

Hope this helps!