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floresp640 wrote:

Yes! That setup would be totally possible and as a matter of fact, that is how I use my H9k for the most part. You dont have to limit each FXChain to one connection, you can have up to 4 stereo connections inside the FXChains in the current software. This allows me to use 4 different H/W inserts in pro tools (or other DAW’s) while using just 1 FXChain. In this scenario, each stereo channel in the FXChain would be limited to just one algorithm (since each FXChain is limited to 4 algorithms). 

Yes to the second question as well! In the current software, you can have up to 16 Stereo I/O’s. A MADI or DANTE expansion could certainly accomplish this but you can also do this with the built in I/O’s on the H9000. For example, You can use 16 channels of USB, 8 channels of Analog and 8 channels of ADAT. 

Hope this helps!


Thanks a bunch for this complete answer! If I understand correctly, if I want to use the effects as inserts, I need to set them in parallel within the FX chain, and assign each track I want to each effect, right?

Making electronic music without a computer, I’m trying to find a way to organize all the audio sources in an efficient manner. Madi allows me to handle the digitalised signal of all my instrument in quite an easy way, once the digital conversion has been made. But so far, audio over USB has not been that popular amongst synth makers…so it’s quite difficult to make use of the USB port on the H9000.

Thanks for the answer!