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Eventide Staff
moschops wrote:

Press ON button, all lights come on and screen says eventide H9000, stays like this for 40 seconds!

I thought it was broken,

THEN the progress bar comes up and takes another 1 minute 12 seconds to boot, so 1minute 52 second total boot time!


It does take a long time to start up.  There are several subsystems internally that have to be started in the right order and it isn't exactly analogous to booting up a modern computer.  We would love for it to be faster, but it is difficult and time consuming to optimize this process.  Also, as we develop the system, the startup time tends to get slower, so any optimization is an ongoing task.  We're a small team and have to prioritize, and in the run up to the release of the H9000, we didn't have resources to dedicate to this.

The first-time startup takes a bit longer than subsequent startups, because the H9000 builds an indexed database of all the factory content to enable searching and sorting.  But this is only a difference of 10-20 seconds if I remember correctly.