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I agree an OSX version would be great, but understand the trade-off of value to resource and revenue.  I would be fine with using a Wine version, VMWare or whatever virtual machine.  Unfortunately, Im not aware of a version of VSig we can download that will connect to the H9000.  If I missed something, please share.

FWIW, The H9000 is the most exciting peice of harware I’ve seen in a long time.  I’m using it constantly and loving it.  I see no reason to wait to get it.  The more that sell means more support thrown at it.  I’m literally giddy when I run a traditional guitar rig in a switching system putting effects in front and behind a tube amp and can switch to the ability to access esentially 8 H8000s via DANTE for mixing without moving one cable at all.  It’s just stupid cool!