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nickrose wrote:

Note that the rotary is the ONLY thing the Neo Vent 2 does. The Eclipse or H9 also do 50 other things.

If rotary is the ONLY thing you want from a pedal, you might want to spend the $600 on the Neo.

If you are more open-minded, an H9 or an Eclipse might be a more useful tool.



It’s not about being open minded, the Eclipse is a big price jump up from the H9 and not to mention everything else involved to take full advantage of it like rewiring my rig up with a stereo line mixer which is going to be even more money. For the price I expect it to be a go-to piece of gear for many things, not just delays and reverbs.


Since the rotary algo on the H9 is well known for being subpar (esp the slow setting), I just was needing to know if I dropped all this cash on the Eclipse is it going to get me closer to that tone and fidelity than a H9? Folks have been asking for an update on that algo for a while now, as well as other presets from the modfactor series. Seeing something like the HotSawz algorithm get priority over reworking the less than desirable modfactor algo’s should be frustrating to Eventide users.


Not trying to bash, the Eclipse seems to be the right thing for my needs but these are fair concerns to have prior to purchasing I think.