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Eventide Staff
dforman wrote:
I see the latest H9000 firmware update is for hardware Rev g. I bought an earlier H9000 which I suspect doesn't have the latest hardware Rev. What's the difference in the hardware, and is it possible to upgrade the hardware to the latest Rev if the changes are significant?

Hi dforman,

You can check the hardware revision of your H9000 in the "info" page in SETUP mode.  Under SYSTEM INFO, it will say "Model: H9000 (Rev G)" or something similar.

All units that we shipped to customers were either Rev F or Rev G.  The differences between these do not affect the functionality in any way.  The comment on release 1.0.0[41], which says "Update for Rev G hardware", just means that the release added support for the new hardware rev, but it will work equally well on Rev F.