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tmoravan wrote:

Let me start by saying I generally love the UI on the H9k.  Very easy to get around, allows me to find and directly edit the parameters I care about; all good.

I do have a suggestion for the parameters you are representing with a toggle switch (mono/stereo, fast/slow, etc).  Right now, I arrow over to the parameter and turn the data wheel.  Currently a menu pops up and makes me stop and read it and then twist the wheel to select what I want.  that's kind of slow and distracting. 

Why not have the text under the toggle switch change directly when I turn the data wheel like virtually every other parameter?  That's seems faster and more in-line with how the rest of the UI operates.  Also allow the up/down arrows on the keypad to change the value too.

You're right, the toggle switch doesn't need a popup list – we should probably change that.

However, you can also just toggle the switch by hitting the Enter (check) key instead of using the wheel.