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enable wrote:

I’ve had this problem since the beginning but since I could always solve it with a restart of the h9000 I have not said anything yet.

But now it’s annoying.

The h9000 just does not work very often.

The system (osx) recognizes him but there are no audio data in or out.

I currently use it as the main sound card and can restart it in 50% of the cases.


Just now something happened that I did not have until now.

He worked except usb channel 7 + 8


very strange. 



Any ideas?



Thansk and regards





…brought my H9K home to work there and funnily the USB capabilities are not working properly.

Studio environnment: All USB in and outs behave as they should with a  Mac Pro 5.1, Ableton 10, Mac OS X High Sierra, aggretated device there with Motu 24 i/O…

At home: new iMac from 2017, OX X Mojave, Ableton 10, aggregated device with NI Audio Kontrol 2, USB IN works but USB Out none are working, despite the meters in the H9K displaying USB Output signal(s).

I can route into the H9K via USB but have to connect then to Analog Out to hear the effect…

H9000 software updatet to latest version today via the internet.


kinda puzzled,