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enable wrote:

I've had this problem since the beginning but since I could always solve it with a restart of the h9000 I have not said anything yet.

But now it's annoying.

The h9000 just does not work very often.

The system (osx) recognizes him but there are no audio data in or out.

I currently use it as the main sound card and can restart it in 50% of the cases.


Ok, the H9000's USB behavior can be a bit confusing. It confused me as well at first.  


It's described in more detail on pg 61 of the H9000 manual: https://s3.amazonaws.com/com.eventide.downloads/Product+Manuals/H9000UserManual.pdf


But in short if there is a sample rate mismatch between your computer and the H9000, the audio will be muted.  You'd think you could just correct the sample rate mismatch and that would fix the problem, but that isn't actually so.  You need to first set your H9000 to the desired sample rate.  If your computer is already set to that sample rate then you need to switch it to a different sample rate and then back to the correct sample rate.

enable wrote:

Just now something happened that I did not have until now.

He worked except usb channel 7 + 8

Any ideas?


Well, there are a couple of possible explanations for this.  Let us check to see if your H9000 reported any crashes to us so we can rule that out.