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ndoe22 wrote:
I’m really loving the H9K. One thing I was thinking about is most people will set this up in the studio or on a recording rig or whatever. Meaning most people won’t have a lot of changing the i/o once setup.

When changing chains it would be nice to have an option in the preferences to “lock” the in/out setup i.e. (analog,usb,Adam) so I don’t have to keep changing the available connections if I browse a different chain.

I understand that the routing in and out of the chains is different per chain but I’m sure there could be a logic function written to just pass unused connections to direct out or some thing like that. Then the user might have to change the routing I/o of the chains but still would be a time saver.

It would make browsing and changing faster without having keep redoing the in/outs.

Hope this makes sense

THIS ^^^^^ absolutely. I recall a master setting in the H8K where you could set all the inputs/outputs to be analog or Stereo AES A-B etc. A setting like this is essential for me in a studio setting. Maybe I’ve overlooked it in my H9000?