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DeWalta wrote:

Two questions:
1. Is it possible to assign the Direct I/O on a global level so that the soundcard/Interface functionality is always there and the machine passes audio from / to USB for eaxamp, no matter what session is currently loaded?

It makes sense to have a session for each song. If I always have to re-assign the I/Os for each session (existing or new) it takes a good while to just get the H9k to pass audio when used as a soundcard. If I could pre-assign the I/Os once on a global level and it would be pre-programmed in every existing and new session, Audio world pass directly out of the box first thing. If then EFX chains are desired the I/Os would them simply have to be re-assigned during the EFX programming.

2. when using the vst to program the h9k I was not able to get total recall to work. If the session was not saved on the device it won’t be saved within the VST neither, correct?
Loading the session in the DAW won’t load the according session on the h9k automatically?

I think I have mentioned this before but the global I/o is a must.