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macgee wrote:

Thanks Joe

So to your earlier point, you mentioned a sample VSIG file should be used so it seems the VSIG manual example file it guides you through isn't complete enough but I found a sample of online and the send to h9000 option list up and that now does give option to put in IP.. First few files failed but then I found one that did work so I'm in business!

Thanks for explanation re Bonjour, now I know where to look to solve that 🙂

Very cool, thanks!!!

One final question, is it possible to load Algorithms from the hardware so I can edit them?


Glad to hear you can successfully connect.

There currently isn't a way to load algorithms from the hardware.  This is mainly because the algorithms don't contain any layout information, so Vsig can't arrange the modules in a useful way graphically.  We did some experimental work to try to add layout information automatically, but it didn't give us good enough results.  It's possible we might revisit this idea though.