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macgee wrote:

Great you have it working – I’m struggling to get VSIG to connect though.

When you open emote, do you have to put in the physical IP of the H9k hardware or does it autoconnect?

In my case I have to put in IP manually. On mac side it’s automatic though. And in VSIG there’s no option to specify IP of box.

Are you doing in VM or Normal windows install?

For network I’m using USB2 o LAN adaptor and it’s directly conncted to the VM (not through mac) 

Thanks in advance for any feedback or suggestions


Looks like you are up and running, excellent.  I did have to change my networking to bridged.  I am running VMWare with a Windows 10 install.  I have not installed the bonjuor package so just used the IP.  I’ll do that later.  

I did not have an issue sending a simple algorithm over though and the example one works.  I do however have an issue of what actually constitutes the selected algorithm for the temporary transfer to land in.  It seems to just pick one most of the time which isnt fun if you are trying things in context of multiple algorithms.  I also get errors trying to load other VSig files.  Something about “semi colons, tabs, etc”.  I’ll try the one you shared.

I now have 2 useless “Untitled” algorithms in permanant residence on my H9000 when I was trying to figure out the above slot thing.  I can’t seem to delete.  Anyone know how to delete those algorithms?  Besides a factory reset.  🙂

Having had a H8000, I was really looking forward to being able to pull the algorithms as starting points and learning.  It would be really great to get that functionality back.  I wonder if it would be possible for some internal examples to be shared with us from Eventide?

Having fun though.  Great to see progress.