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rvickers wrote:

I did not have an issue sending a simple algorithm over though and the example one works.  I do however have an issue of what actually constitutes the selected algorithm for the temporary transfer to land in.  It seems to just pick one most of the time which isnt fun if you are trying things in context of multiple algorithms.  I also get errors trying to load other VSig files.  Something about "semi colons, tabs, etc".  I'll try the one you shared.

I now have 2 useless "Untitled" algorithms in permanant residence on my H9000 when I was trying to figure out the above slot thing.  I can't seem to delete.  Anyone know how to delete those algorithms?  Besides a factory reset.  🙂

It's worth noting that the sigfile syntax had to be changed for the H9000 in order to allow older sigfiles to be forward-compatible with updated DSP code.  So you can't just load an H8000 sigfile onto the H9000 as-is.  Vsig will convert it, but that conversion might not be perfect.

The slot the algorithm lands in is always the first slot of the first DSP module.    If you rearrange the FX Chain routing, it might not be obvious which is the first slot.  Similarly, if you add and delete FX Chains, it's not obvious which one will be the one on the first DSP module.  We should make this a bit smarter, and give the Vsig user the ability to specify the destination.

To remove the spurious "Untitled" algorithms, which are probably dangling entries in the program database, you can do a "clear current state", which won't affect your saved presets, by holding down SESSIONS+FXCHAINS while powering up.