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Eventide Staff
macgee wrote:

Does this mean that we could theoretically download them however the way it's displayed in VSIG wouldn't make sense visually?

If so, couldn't you allow downloading of the algos with the caveat it won't look right until you release and update for that? At least we could still work with it in the interim.

The way it is now, for an algo I want to modify, I have to replicate the entire algorithm in VSIG for H9000 from VSIG for H8000 and then modify it.

If we could download it from H9000, I'd just have to copy the layout from the VSIG H8000 to make sense of it but much less effort?


Well, there's a couple of related issues.

The layout problem existed in the H8000 too.  When you pull a sigfile from the H8000 into vsig, it collapses all the modules on top of each other.  There's an option in Vsig to reposition the modules.   We were hoping to make something that does a better job of the layout, but our experiments didn't give us anything we could use.

The second issue is that we just haven't implemented the Vsig-side functionality to pull algorithms from the unit for the H9000 yet.

We are working on both of these and while I can't promise any specific schedule yet, I think you will be happy with the results.