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amop wrote:
Really appreciate that video. If nothing else it helped me resolve the issues I had making an aggregate device (which now works). So when you use the emote plug-in (for the automations, etc) you still need the I/O plug-in to talk to the H9K?

Initially I thought you would put Emote on the track and then it would auto route (like UAD does for remote processing) but I think I was wrong.

I copied an extract fromt he manual so I think the Track Inputs/Outputs and the I/O plugin are the only routing options which suits me to be honest.

I’m still in song writing stage so haven’t worked extensively with the full integration “yet” but I envision that I’ll probably put Emote plugin on the Master track; add that track to the arrange page and then use those automation lanes for automating H9K parameters but when working with it maybe I’ll put an emote instance on each track I process with it…not sure yet. But since master track is nearly always visible in Logic for example, that’s what i found easier.

I find it useful using both plugin and standalone Emote as well as H9K front panel controls in tandem to have different views of what’s going on

Computer Audio Interfacing

USB 2.0 allows you to interface your H9000 with your audio software as a standard audio interface with 16 channels of I/O. Send, process, and return 16 separate channels of individual DAW tracks.