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nickrose wrote:

2-4G should be OK – above that is pretty untested.

Ideally, use a new card and do not re-format it. Format should be FAT or FAT32, NOT exFAT or NTFS.


Thanks for the info, i only got the CF card, cf card adapter and reader today.

It’s a 512mb Transcend CF300 card that came fromated with FAT16, but it’s not working with the 8000.

If i copied the files for it and do the upgrade boot up on the 8000, it just says “waiting for connection” (or similar) forever

If i load the card in the 8000, it freezes.

I managed to trick it into loading it on the menu to format the card, and i did try and format the card with it but said “sorry, can’t format card, possible hardware fault”.

After this i tried re-formating in fat and do the procedure but it didn’t work, exact same behavior.

My system is 5.3 and i would really like to ugprade it but i’m kinda lost now. Any idea how could i do this?


Thanks in advance