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Eventide Staff
zengomi wrote:


One aspect of the H9000 that I'd like some clarification on is its use in recording an electric guitar. I have a nice preamp (Atlas Pro Audio Juggernaut Twin) to start the chain. From there, I'm wondering to what extent the H9000 can take the guitar sound to a recording. Digitally conecting with my iMac isn't a perogative. I'm totally OK with analog.

Does anyone here use an H9000 to record an electric guitar?



There are many ways to be able to achieve this. I am not familiar with your setup but the H9000 will function just like any other Hardware box. You will still use it in your session as a hardware insert into your track. If you are avoiding using the H9000 in a 'Digital Domain', you can take advantage of the 8 channels of analog I/O. The H9000 is very capable of taking your guitar recording and turning it into something completely different using the available algorithms. 

Although, there is no way to directly plug in your guitar to the H9000, you can still use it as an insert onto any track using your DAW. 

I hope this answers your question! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.