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nickrose wrote:

Sorry you are having trouble. Most likely there is a problem with your card or adaptor.

You should either try another set, or send them to support at eventide marked for my attention (https://www.eventideaudio.com/contact-us).


Nick, i got another card (Actually the Sandisk 64mb) and i managed to updated it without a hitch, but now i have another problem:


“Error – Suggeste Power-down, Host A: Timeout”

The unit was just idle, not used and it happen 3 times after i power cycle.

Firmwire version is 5.610 and preset A was 5619 (Ultra Interval 3) and B was 210 (Amp-u-lation)

It’s running analog and clock is internal at 44.1

I just changed preset A to another and waiting to see if he does the same (never saw this behavior in previous version) but i would like to know what can i do to have all the presets working?


Thanks in advance