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ssgrfk wrote:


after further testing, it appears as though any midi cc data sent via automation via Ableton can crash Emote and stop the H9000 display from refreshing / updating for a few seconds in the following circumstances – draw an automation "curve" or line between 2 points, where point one is value X and point two is value Y and some time passes between these two points. playback of this = Emote crash / H9000 screen pause.

but automation data that is simply stepped between points without any time in between moving from values does work as you would expect. so, jumping from value X to Y instantly, then remaining static for time, then jumping from Y to Z..  ie. aliased / stepped automation curve. rather than a smooth curve..

It sounds like messages are getting backed up somewhere.  It is possible that the front panel UI cannot keep up with the changes.  We will look into this.  Does this slowdown happen if emote is not connected?