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J.Cramer wrote:

Questions : 1. Is there supposed to be a USB connection from the unit to my computer during the update ? The instructions say nothing about this.

                   2. When I download "USB Installer for H9000" and then copy to a USB drive formatted to FAT32 file system : Is this the update? What am I supposed to do with this USB drive? The instuctions DO NOT specify.

Again it is apparent that I am new to this stuff and any assistance is greatly appreciated.


1. No, this isn't necessary.  The USB B port (the square one on the back that can be connected to the computer) is just for audio and MIDI.

2. To install an update using a USB drive, download the USB Installer, which is a zip file, then extract the two files from the zipfile onto the USB drive.  When that's done, eject the drive from your computer, and plug the drive into one of the USB A ports (the rectangular ones) of the H9000.  (There are two on the front and two on the back).  Power up the unit while holding down both the check and X keys, which will start your H9000 in update mode.  (This will take a while, and the screen will be blank while it starts up).  Then there should be on-screen instructions.

Note: we haven't updated the version of the USB installer on the website to the latest release yet.  You will want version 1.1.5, which you can download from here:


Did you already try updating it over the network?  If you navigate to the Software Update page in SETUP mode, do you see a list of available releases?  If that works for you, it's easier than going the USB route.

Please get in touch at support@eventide.com if you need more help.