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Thank you. I think that what you are suggesting is indeed very powerful and flexible but still is not able to produce the same result of the ribbon  in the H9 algorithms. What I specifically consider very useful and missing in your suggestion is the ability to work with 2 presets, say A and B, which you know exactly how they sound and very conveniently can browse and decide if they are the right ones for you to use in any specific application, and to be able to morph between them in such a way that every parameter of the algorithm (not “only” 8, which by the way I agree is already very powerful) morphs from A to the B with total control over the musical effect you are after because, as I said, you know exactly how B will sound like at the end of the morphing from A to B. The solution you are suggesting may produce similar results but you have to put a lot of time and trying before you figure out the exact amount of range for the 8 parameters in order to gain the desired control over the results. Does that make sense to you?