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macgee wrote:

I’m not with it right now but isn’t in Emote in the sessions tab and in the clock section?


The manual page 52 explains this and shows in Emote and also explains the part about the daw sample rate settings vs H9000, which order to set

Changing the USB Audio Sample Rate From the point of view of the computer, the H9000 is always the clock master. However, it is not possible for the H9000 to enforce that the sample rate of the computer matches its own. Therefore, the user has to set the sample rates manually. When switching to a new sample rate, you should first change the H9000’s sample rate (by selecting a different internal clock source or changing the sample rate of an external source such as ADAT, Dante, etc.), then change the computer’s sample rate. If it detects that the sample rates don’t match, the H9000 will mute the USB audio interface and display a warning in the status bar:



thank you macgee. indeed i found the option to change the sample rate in the emote app. however the problem here is that you can only choose word clock or internal sample rates… usually on all other machines i know you can activate word clock in or out as well as set a sample rate… here it either or.

since I am syncing the h9k from an SSL alpha link converter via WORD CLOCK and passing the word clock along to an fireface 800 where it is being terminated, i would have to choose word clock in emote, right?

No matter what setting or which way i start the 3 converters/machines – he same error message (saying USB audio deactivated) pops up, even iif i follow the instructions carefully. power on H9k first. set to internal 48k rate. Then change abck to word clock. then power on the other two converters. h9k shold now lock to the incoming SSL word clock, right? error.

even changing sample rate from SSL converter (still clocking H9K via WORD CLOCK) – toggeling back to desired rate (as described in error message). same thing. error.

no matter which order i power up the converters i always get the same USB audio error message.

can someone help or point me in the right direction?