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donrwatters wrote:

jfirlik wrote:

These changes are in the pipeline.  It required a change to the H9000 software as well, so there's a little more testing to be done but we hope to have a new release soon.

Any chance of hearing about a release timeframe for the updated software?  My H9000R has been misbehaving on the network lately (not staying connected on Ethernet or on Wifi) and it's really difficult to troubleshoot, since I'm unable to change any network settings or set the IP Addresses.  Will we also be able to set the Dante IP Addresses after the next update?  

We're planning to push out a minor 1.1 update sometime this week (most of our focus has been on the next major release which is close to beta).  It will contain static IP functionality for the H9000 control port.  For Dante, this can't currently be done on the H9000 itself but it is possible through the Dante Controller app.