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After some trial and error, it’s back on track and working!

I got it back into normal mode.  But, Emote kept crashing on the Windows computer that the H9KR is connected to when I click on “updates” using any version of Emote.  So I used my work Mac Book Pro and that was able to pull the install list.  Once I select the new build, and select install, the download went to completion, then the install began.  I got about 20 seconds in and the Emote app on the Mac crashed.  So, I did that a few times.  Then decided to reboot the H9KR.  Once that was back up, I was able to connect with the newest Emote version, and was able to change the IP Network settings and the Host Name! 

There’s some intricacy there though.  When I tried to set the Ethernet connection, I wasn’t able to finish the settings, before it took the IP address and ran with it.  We need to be able to finish all of the setting, like DHCP and Gateway, before it just takes on the new IP address. I still don’t see the IP settings on the Windows Emote application, but at this point, I don’t need to.  Also, the View ->Meter Bridge is gone from the Windows version, but is there on the Mac.  :/

Thanks so much for getting this out to me.  It’s a giant help in getting things settled in the studio.  Really appreciate the extra effort and care, for just one user.  Great service.