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Eventide Staff
BobGio wrote:

Just received an H9000R. I had planned to send 8 channels of ADAT optical into the unit and use the 8 channels of analog out on the D sub connector…but when I do, the signal coming back into my analog mixer (Neve 5060) is delayed by quite a bit. Bad enough to make it unsusable. I enabled ADAT I/O and set sync to ADAT are there any other settings I could be overlooking that could cause this delay? First time using the ADAT protocol in the studio, so I hope it's just user error and can get this configuration to work.

This is surprising.  I'd have expected slightly higher latency using analog IO, because the converters add a little.

Can you measure or estimate the latency?  If possible could you try the AES inputs (XLR or DB25) instead and see if that also has this problem?