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Thanks for yoiur answer!

I’m considering buying the h9000 but one the most obvious cons is to be able to interface it with my DAW without too much latency

USB ports and usb drvers are famous for producing too much latency when tracking live..

but you already know this right?


Having to buy another interface (thunderbolt interface) would not be ideal if I want to send 16 tracks of audio or more back and forth with the H9000.. 

Clocking would also be an issue if I want to connect both devices to the same computer etc, etc


So if you guys bring a fast thunderbolt expansion card for the H9000, the purchase would be a no brainer for me and many people I believe, especially guitarists and live musicians that want to interface the h9000 with the computer and still be able to perform/track live..

I’ll be tuned for any from you on this