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Eventide Staff
FrauHolle wrote:

1. If the mix of H8000FW worked at 24% wet in the past, now the mix should not exceed 12% with the H9000; 24% is definitely TOO MUCH. (?)

2. Furthermore the volume of dry/wet mixture gets louder the more wet signal is added – but at approx. 50% and above the volume goes back… Of course it's in the nature of things that the volume can't be constantly but here the H9000 differs from other Hardware (H8000FW, Eclipse but also several Lexicons, Rolands etc.).


Hi Holger,

We think that the wet/dry mix on the H9000 is implemented differently to the one on the H8000FW but we need to do a little research to make sure, so we're looking at the H8000FW code at the moment to see what it does.

No single wet/dry mix function can work equally well for all signals; there will always be trade-offs.  It is certainly true that the H9000 way can cause an increased gain at the center position compared to the ends.

We will keep you updated and will consider adding the H8000FW behavior in a software update.

Thanks for reporting these,