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This is tremendous news about the new versions of VSIG.

I’ve dreamed of owning an Eventide since listening to Vai’s Passion and Warfare as a kid in the 90’s.

A few months back I was finally able to pick up a used H7600 & it’s incredible!

After some (serious) effort I was able to get VSIG running on a virtualbox Windows machine (inside my Mac laptop) and communicating over a USB to RS232 (FTDI chipset) adapter.

The question is this: once the new native Mac VSIG is out of beta, and the owners of shiny new H9000’s have had their fun for a while, will those of us on last-gen hardware possibly get a compatibility back-port?

Of course, nothing is owed to us for retired hardware, but these can be lifetime machines, and many hobbyists such as myself are finding their new “hand-me-downs” a good fit to needs and budgets.

It would be a greatly appreciated gesture if we were given access to the new accessibility-enhanced tools for authoring our own sounds (within the confines of our existing algorithm libraries, i.e. not including new algorithms that are part of the next-gen release).

Cheers — Joel