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I use a Behringer FCB1010 connected via MIDI with an additional Mission Engineering Aero EP-25 Pro, connected to the Pedal 1 Input. It all works great. I use MIDI learn a lot in Emote. Every preset is different, in terms of what I need to alter. So, it just depends on what I’m trying to control. I use the H9000 to mimic the effects in the H9’s that I own, so it’s like trying to control 16 H9’s. Most times I’m only controlling 4 different algorithms, but on occasion things get out of hand and I have all 16 algo’s running and I need to control sweeps or bandpass filters across all algo’s, or even input gain for each chain. This setup works well.

More than what you asked for, but I’m including other info, in case others come across this thread in the future.