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JWSpaceMan wrote:


The RJM GT/16 is an absolutely stellar option:  http://www.rjmmusic.com/mastermind-gt-16/

It is incredibly flexible and configurable.  Having LCD screens above each button is a BIG plus.  The editor software (Windows or Mac) is laid out incredibly intelligently.

Also it looks super classy and is very, very well built.

On top of that, Ron will respond to your questions personally and provide great support.

it works very well with the expression pedals from Mission engineering.  I recommend the SP1-RJM:


Note that most mission pedals are wired in an opposite polarity to the RJM default and require some simple soldering to reconfigure (the model I recommended comes “correct” out of the box).

I’ll attach a pic of my pedal board.

You cannot go wrong with this combination!

Thanks for your help!!!

I asked some questions at the RJM forum and you are right tthe RJM GT/XX is a stelar option for the H9K and also for the other devices in the midi trhu chain!


Thanks again!!!