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I just updated to H9000 Emote 1.2.1[5] and did some Midi CC Automation via Ableton live using a Max4Live device that sends Midi CC data.

in the past this process has not worked reliably and I’m looking for any solution to be able to draw in automation data in my DAW and have that work / play / happen on the H9000.

trying my process again with the updated Emote, i can say that the behavior looks improved and the H9000 Mapped Knob is following the Midi CC automation I’ve made via the DAW. But, (past versions were not tracking the curves, only hand recorded midi CC data) Emote crashes after a short while and the H9000 UX on it’s screen becomes unresponsive.

it would be AWESOME to get this Midi CC stuff improved. thanks guys 🙂