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BobGio wrote:


This is surprising.  I'd have expected slightly higher latency using analog IO, because the converters add a little.

Can you measure or estimate the latency?  If possible could you try the AES inputs (XLR or DB25) instead and see if that also has this problem?


I wasn't able to test AES…but I took the spdif cable out my Eclipse (which works fine) and put it into the H9000R and get the same phasey/flanged delayed sound. Thinking this was somehow a digital I/O issue, I purchased an additional audio interface (Prism Orpheus) to use eight analog outputs into the H9000R dsub connectors and once again, same horrible sound. So now I'm in for $7000 and still don't have a working unit so I'm beyond frustrated at this point. Also can't register my unit via the website as it tells me my SN is not valid. 



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I am so sorry to hear that you are running into some issues with your H9000R. I can defintely help out with registering your H9000. Could you please send me an email at Pflores@eventide.com with your H9000's serial number. I will also look into the latency issue.



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