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found a bug of sorts with the plugin. After setting up some mappings via the FX Function mappings with the plugin and automating these on one algorithm in an FX chain, this all worked, i added another Algorithm to the FX chain (this worked) then, i tried to replace the 2nd algorithm with something else and this 2nd Algorithm wolud stay the same.

so for example, i have the FX chain with a resonator in position 1, then a delay in position 2. if i then try to swap the delay in position 2 with any other algorrithm, the algorithm in position two would change its name to the NEW algorithm but the algorthm itself would stay the same.. if i tried to swap out the entire FX chain with another FX chain, the emote plugin would simply go into a endless loop of LOADING. only restarting the H9000 physical device would break it out of that cycle