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FrauHolle wrote:

I'd like to remind of my questions (3 + 4) regarding Emote. Has someone an idea in the meantime, what could be the reason for that?

Could you provide some more information regarding #3, how much latency are you seeing on the automation?  I expect there would be a small latency between the DAW tempo value and the H9000s, because these automations are sent at a control rate not tied to the real-time processing rate of the DAW.

Regarding #4 – it does appear that we don't save devices whose IP addresses were entered manually.  We should be able to fix this before our next release.  But I think we're also missing something in our documentation for our Windows users, because the easier way to connect to devices is by having Bonjour installed on your machine.

You can install the Bonjour services from Apple here:  https://support.apple.com/kb/dl999?locale=en_US

This should allow your device to show up in Emote automatically without needing to enter an IP address.  We'll make sure to clarify this in the documentation for the next release as well.