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ssgrfk wrote:

Thank you.

I tried a few of those already and they all sound great.. but sadly lack this specific functionality found in that pedal that im after. 

it is specifically the one knob which controls the delay between the original signal and the doubled / delayed signal. when you adjust this fowards / backwards it operates almost like a record turntable if you were to violently slow it down / speed it up.

and perhaps there is something to how that pedal mixes the original + delayed signal that makes it sound *better* (i lack the vocabulary to accurately describe what it is exactly).. perhaps it is the things you mentioned about “hype”

anyway, im hoping i could get this same sound + functionality in the H9000.. or a close enough approximation of.. so as to not want/need another pedal to buy.

thanks again 🙂

that sounds like tape flanging – but unless that’s being modulated (when you’re not turning the dial) then I’m no expert but I wouldn’t think that would affect the sound. If however that’s modulating, you’ll have the delay time essentially changing resulting in subtle flanging. That would be like modulating a Mod Delay module but many modules support this on H9000. Either way I think this is fully achievable in H9k land and vey possibly available in an existing algo but maybe not under the Micropitch name. There’s simply too many algos to know for sure

Have you seen the Algorithm manual avilable in your account under H9K

English | Version: 1.2.1[5] | Release date: September 06, 2019

Look in there under “8 – Delays – Modulated”

#812 Auto Tape Flanger 

If you’re prepared to try your hand at Vsig you can do anything you want – it’s well worth the effort!

For an example of how tone hypes the sound, I think the algo is “The Gyre”, it’s pushed in a very pleasing way