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macgee wrote:

Hi Eventide

I see updates available for H9000



I haven't updated to either of these cos I want to limit risk but also because the release notes give much away.

Is it possible to post some release notes in the forum so we can understand what the differences are and if update is recommended for all, etc..



Hi Grant,

Apologies for being cryptic. adds a feature that allows you to opt in or out of the global tempo on a per-algorithm basis.  You might remember an issue where an algorithm would not sync up to the tempo when first loaded, but if you move the tempo knob or change the tempo, it would suddenly sync up.  We fixed that, but it had some surprising side effects, in that some H8000 algorithms would not sound right when first loaded.  This was because the algorithm's default knob settings would not match the current tempo (and in some cases, would not match a "normal" tempo value at all).  So you can now turn this behavior on or off and that will get saved in your presets. fixes a bug where using AES receive as a clock source can cause clicks to appear in the audio output from the DSPs.

Either of these releases will work with emote 1.2.1[9], which is the latest emote release.

We are trying to get 1.2 finished and productionized.  I know it's been a long wait, but there's a lot to test, and we're a small team.  I would consider updating to these releases low risk.  We were using them at the AES convention last week on the show floor and for demos.