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macgee wrote:

Thanks Joe, great info! Great news about the tempo preference in presets.

I decided to do the update last night – I noticed a change regarding SKNOB, i use this extensively and see that when the algo loads, it's not using the value obtained from the merge like it was before the update – is that a known change, Vsig to H9K

Now merge doesn't work but "default" now does. However when using an alternate source to determine what the MAX should be for this knob, I can't set default higher than minimum. Does that sound expected?  maybe a question for dbaylies

Re Emote 1.2.1[9], where can I download that? I'm still on version from this thread, 1.2.1[3]

Thanks for your help

In order to make the H8000 algorithms load in the correct state (so they'd sound the same as if you'd loaded them on the H8000), we made that change to SKNOB, so that the output is initially set from the default value rather than the merge input.  If the upstream control output subsequently sends a value to the merge, it will update with the merge value.

Looking at the module, it is a bit weird in that the specifier "default" is bound by "@min" and "@max" but min and max are control inputs, so there's no way for Vsig to know what these bounds should be if they are connected to some upstream control output.  In practice those min/max control inputs are used to constrain the "ctrlin" input.  I think maybe a possible fix is to change the bounds on "default" so it isn't constrained in this way.

To be honest, I've always found SKNOB(3) to be confusing and I think there should be simpler ways of expressing the common usage patterns of this user object (for example the case where the output is connected to the ctrlin).  I'd be interested to hear how you are using it.