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You got me on a mission on this algo – basically “#812 Auto Tape Flanger” isn’t super sophisticated with any analog shaping or dynamics/saturation.

It’s a Quad Line flanger using MODDLY

A pair of (L+R) Fixed Delay Lines & pair of Swept Delay lines – the fixed allows you to delay to static signal a bit so you can do through zero flanging though I couldn’t get that sound, think the pair of swept delays need phase inversion option

Also doesn’t do any stereo modulation and no slapback which is not too surprising – it’s super easy to understand though and a great algo to start your Vsig journey with

I took a stab at it and modified it quite a bit – added Mono/Stereo source support, allowed longer delay times up to 50ms instead of 20ms. Added a modulation offset param to change the phase of the modulation on each side for subtle or medium width.

Added a delay at the end of each L & R signal to support the Slapback and finally another set of mixers so you can add in the Direct source – the slapback could then be the quad line flanger or just the dual swept delay and I also added a HiCut filter to simulate the analog freq shaping.

Is this all accurate of what a Tape Deck and Tape Flanger should do? jeesh I don’t know but it’s sounding pretty cool

I reckon the Preamp from “The Gyre” would be useful in here as well as test out the “XFORMER” module that can saturate. I’ve not tried it yet

Also need a feedback mix for the slapback delays and add signal phase inversion option of the Swept delay line

Listening to the Deco, there’s a lot going on in there and simulating all that in this one algo would be a challenge but the beauty of FX chains is being able to piece anything together and ultimately build it into a single algo if desired; the power on a single CPU appears to be there!

Sure I can help as much as I can but I’m no expert – regardless I’ve been able to do some super fun things