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macgee wrote:
Thanks Joe, with that emote version I can see the tempo setting atop the algo, unless I missed it in older version. That change has confused my algos default settings haha I agree with you, default value should not be constrained, if one sets it too high then it could be contained by the determined value at load time? I use SKNOB3 a lot. For example in that DLYSMP2 algo, I set the max for the sknob controlling ‘max length’ to the cycle period length as it should never exceed. I also sometimes do intermediate math between sknob3 output before returning it into ctrl in. Does that help? Thanks

Yes, thanks.  We'll keep thinking about it.  One common use case in the H8000 algorithms is to ensure that a group of knobs have values that are in order.  For example, frequencies of a multiband compressor.  I think that pattern could be captured more usefully in a single user object that has multiple values that are constrained to be in order by the module itself.

For the issue of "default" in sknob3, I think it should be possible to fix this just by updating the vsig database (sigdb) file.  I've attached a new file for you to try.  You can specify the sigdb file in the vsig settings but I found I had to restart the app for it to read the new file.