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J20056 wrote:
Does the H9000 have any algos to emulate a guitar cabinet? I am going to use a guitar preamp (Mesa TriAxis) to get the main guitar tone, but without a power amp and guitar cab. I was hoping I could get the Mesa into the H9000 and use a preset that would emulate a guitar cab. I suppose one can get close with just EQ, but asking in case there are more advanced algos.

From H9000 Algorithm manual there are 2 algos I spotted claiming Speaker Emulation

#210 Amp-u-lation

Tube power amp/speaker emulation. This little guy can really do the trick of cleaning up harsh fuzz or to feed a P.A. Stereo in, stereo out.

#817 Chorused Cabinet

The sound of a miked speaker cabinet with a touch of modulating chorus. Summed in, stereo out.

I’m now intrigued to see if it does what it says on the tin cos a while back I was looking into this, checking Vsig modules and reading online material to see if I could build something there.

I’m inclined to think proper speaker emulation would be more than just EQ, probably doing multiband a) eq, b) compression, c) saturation but probably other stuff too